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Inspiration – Achievements

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David T Schwartz says “All great achievements require time”.

Well this is one area that I am seriously found wanting – not the achievements part, but certainly the time part.

Like most people, I want instant gratification.  I want results and I want them right now!

Sounds familiar – doesn’t it?

We flick a switch and we want the light to come on.  We put our card into the ATM and we want the money to come out.  We turn a key and we want the car to start.

Yet, think about it for a moment – can you imagine an instant sunrise or sunset?  Isn’t part of the wonder, the magnificence and the beauty to watch the sunrise from the first hint of light to the brilliance of the colours, the freshness of the new day and the understanding of new beginnings?

Think back on all the most special moments of your life – none of them were a single moment, but rather a culmination of moments leading up to something incredibly special.  They usually involve some, if not all of your senses and always take time to build up before the results are in.

I guess what I am trying to say is that the magical moments take time to arrive – it’s a process, so take the time to savor them and enjoy them.

So to is it with achievements.  We work hard, we practice hard and through all of this, in time – we achieve.  Remember that there are small achievements and there are large achievements.

The size and the caliber of the achievement is attributable to the goals, aspirations and dreams of the individual.

So don’t try and rush it, enjoy the journey, live the dream and savor the rewards.