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Business Tips – Politics in the Workplace

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Dr Renate Volpe, in her Nuggets on Political Intelligence, says “Good politics advance the organizations agenda as a whole. They are appropriate and future-oriented. Negative politics maintain the status quo, promote groupthink and advance the individual’s agenda, usually at the expense of others.”

Being an Internal Auditor in many ways was my saving grace. You see I had to remain objective, I had to put myself apart and in doing so I was fortunate enough not to get involved in the internal office politics. What I did do however was watch the political plays that were taking place and the various agendas that were played out, both transparent and hidden,

Very like the politics in any country, the politics in a company can actually make or break careers and if not controlled and managed properly, could ultimately result in the downfall of the company, particularly if there is a huge amount of in-house fighting and egos that are out of control.

In-house fighting and bad office politics usually have the employees taking sides as they battle for their place in the hierarchy and hold on tightly to the coattails of the person that they have backed, and this usually results in a split in loyalties. The focus of the business and its requirements is lost and quite frankly when your eye is off the ball, chaos reigns.

Politics that is good for business and positive and for the betterment of the employees, as well as management and the clients, usually will result in better and greater achievements.

The bottom line – happy employees and happy customers make good business sense.

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