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Inspiration – Overcoming our own Egos

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Nowadays our lives are lived at such a break-neck speed that we often don’t have time to draw a breath, much less have time to reflect.

We suppress our emotions, we manipulate others around us into doing what we want them to do, we play political games in the office with our peers and our managers, and even on occasion, with our subordinates.

All this is done in an attempt to get our own way and whether we win or lose is usually as a direct result of how much we believe in ourselves or don’t. I guess it would be easy to say that much of our lives are governed by how much ego we have. Too little and we are plagued by issues of self-esteem and too much and we strut our stuff like we are “cock of the coop”.

So how do we get real? How do we get in touch with our true selves? How do we get beyond that ego?

Well as I understand it, we “speak” from the heart. Whether we speak to ourselves, or our colleagues, or to our peers and our clients, it all boils down to the same thing.

It means that we have dropped down from our self-imposed pedestals and our egos and that what we are, say, or are talking about is “what is” rather than what we would like it to be.

It means that we have stripped ourselves down to the core of us, our souls, our unconditional selves, our authentic selves, and that what we are saying is what we really believe deep down inside of ourselves, rather than what we have been conditioned to believe, or what we have been taught to believe, or what we think we should believe.

I also believe that there is a place down deep inside of ourselves that knows the truth. Some call it the core, some the soul – whatever you would like to name it, it is the place that we all have that knows the truth when we hear it.

So it stands to reason then, that when we speak from our hearts, from that place down deep inside of us and those words are heard by people, in that place down deep inside of them that knows that truth when it hears it, that that is when we have made and make the most impact.

Doesn’t it make sense then to always speak like this – whether you are dealing with your spouse, your children, your colleagues, your bosses, your subordinates, your clients (insert whomever you would like to right here)?

It makes the most sense to me . . . but what do you think?