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Sales 101 – Making Use of Everything

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I was asked a question the other day – it went along the lines of, “if a big company has a huge sales force, why would they need a web site”?

Well actually why would they?  There are some Corporate Companies out there that have spent hundreds and thousands of Rand on the training of their highly professional sales team.  Why would they then go and spend thousands more on getting a web site up and running and then the cost of maintaining that etc.

Well I guess that answer would be for the same reason that I got to Networking events, why I use my web site,  why I use FaceBook as a marketing tool and why I use Twitter as a marketing tool.

I doubt that any of us actually know all of our potential clients and I doubt that even if we did know them all that we could actually get to them all – a functional website does.

Then of course there is the fact that the Internet is not going to go away.  With an efficient website, you reach not only the potential customers in your immediate vicinity but you get to reach potential customers all over the world,

For me it’s about using every single tool that you can afford that is available to get your product or service out there.  That means irrespective of whether you have the most proactive sales force on the planet you should still have a presence on the internet.  It means that you should be tweeting on twitter and it means that you should still be going to Networking events and any other Marketing that you are able to afford.

It means quite simply, that you use everything!