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Business Tips – Keeping it real

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Dr Renate Volpe, in her nuggets on Leadership insights says “What do you have to offer the world other than your true self?”

I must say that this is a subject that is absolutely close to my heart.  We are all here to do business.  We are all here to earn an honest living and most of us are here to make a difference.

Perhaps it is something in the air, or a changing of the winds or perhaps it is just because it is that time of the year, but I get the feeling that there are some things that are just not as they should be.  I seem to be being messed around much more than usual lately and quite frankly it is getting up my left nostril.

We’re all busy, we are all trying to get done before everyone leaves for the annual migration to the coast and yet in some ways I seem to be going round in circles.

People want to see me, they book the appointment, hell they even get me to move other appointments around because they absolutely have to see me and then at the last minute, they cancel.  Well I suppose that I should be grateful that they did cancel and that I didn’t have to find out when I arrived that the meeting was no longer.

Here’s the thing though, if you are wanting to meet with me as a matter of urgency, then meet me – whatever else comes up schedule it for another time or another day, but meet me – my perception is then that you are serious about what it is that you want to discuss with me.  When it gets to the point that the 3rd meeting in a row is moved, rescheduled or cancelled by the same person, my perception is one of  – if you are messing me around at this early stage of our relationship, what on earth is it going to be down the line?

In all honesty, what is it that you are telling me by doing this – that your time is more valuable than mine, or that your clients/suppliers/friends (add anything you like here) are more valuable than mine, or that your business comes before mine, despite the fact that I have something that you want!  Actually, what you are showing me is your true self, what you are telling me is who you really are and in the words of Dr Maya Angelou “Believe someone the first time they tell you who they are!”

So think about what you show the world, because sooner or later – the true self, the person that you really are, will come out.