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Networking 101 – Using Your Database Effectively

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In his article entitled “Not Getting The Referrals You Want . . . Then It’s All Your Fault”, Dr Ivan Misner, puts the blame squarely at your feet and quite honestly I agree with him.

To continue where we left off last time:

Another reason that many people come up with when they don’t get the referrals that they want is “They just don’t have the contacts I need” says Dr Ivan Misner. Let’s have a look at the issue there. Many people don’t even use their own data bases effectively let alone “looked at the databases” of the people in their own data bases.

Think of the infinite possibilities . . .

Sure you have to work at it. Sure you have to follow up on every single lead that you are given. Sure you have to do something with every single business card that you are given. Sure it means getting up off your butt and doing something other than moaning about what you’re not getting. The returns though are absolutely fantastic and those of us who work at their data bases can attest to this – I know that I can.

The internet makes the world a really small place. I met an Australian chap on an International Virtual Networking group about 2 years ago now. He was looking to set up distributions all over the world for the product that he is selling. We corresponded now and then and the result was he came out to South Africa and he has set up a whole bunch of distributions both here in Gauteng and in Cape Town. I met him fact to face last week and we greeted each other as if we had known each other for years. His product is not something that I would sell or even use, but I have people in my database who would both purchase it or want to set up a distribution point for him. Now he knows how to Network effectively and although I haven’t had anything from him directly, I have added value to my own database and I know for sure that somewhere down the line, I will make money out of my connection with him.

His tale is even more amazing. Around the time that he met me on the internet, he had just started with this particular product and was doing it ‘sort of part time’ as he was still running his own business that has been going for in excess of 25 years. About a month ago, he handed the jewellery business to his wife and a manager and he is now working full time in the business of setting up distributers all over the world – he now has 285 distributors worldwide. So I guess you could say that his Networking skills are incredible!

Next time we will continue to look at why not getting the referrals that you want, may in fact be all your own fault.