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Networking 101 – Feeding the Hungry Beast that is Networking

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Networking for Entrepreneurs is vital and knowing how to network effectively is an essential skill that all Entrepreneurs and Business people should ensure that they get.

It is extremely important that as an Entrepreneur, you understand the basics. Networking essentially is about building and maintaining relationships. So many people that I have encountered along the way seem to be under the impression that Networking is about selling their product or service. The reality of course, is that very few people go to a Networking event to ‘buy’. The reality is that if everybody goes to a Networking event to ‘sell’ – there will be very little selling (or buying for that matter) happening. The reality is that if there is no buying or selling going on – there should be a whole lot of relationship building going on – I mean what else is happening?

Relationship building is essential for and to any business owner. It strengthens ties between individuals, it builds trust and once trust is established, referrals are made and the ‘loop tape’ starts to play!

One hand washes the other and before you know it, other ‘players’ enter the arena and the circle of influence grows, ever wider, ever bigger, until like myself, all or most of your business comes out of the Networking environment.

Be warned though, it’s a hungry beast and to be effective, it needs to be fed on a regular basis. Relationships need time to grow and to maintain them also takes time. So even in the times of plenty, it is really important to Network constantly, to interact with your circle of influence and to maintain your relationships!