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Networking 101 – Don’t Forget the Virtual Networking

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Following on from last time – so now that we have established that you are indeed a salesperson, what remains to be established is what platform is best suited to your preferred form of selling.

On a personal level, for me it’s always about doing things in the most simplistic manner. The most simplistic manner and easiest way for me to sell is by Networking and then actioning any subsequent referrals that I may get.

Early during the course of last year, I met a lady (let’s call her Jane), whose brother (let’s call him John) was a member of a virtual networking group called Business Warriors. While I was a member of Business Warriors, I was pretty prolific on the forum and I shared my knowledge and expertise with everyone who cared to read what I wrote. For reasons not to be discussed here, Business Warriors and I parted ways – but whilst I parted ways with the website, I remained in contact with many of the members, with whom I had built strong (often virtual only) relationships.

To cut a long story short, Jane had a business challenge and her brother John remembered much of my advice and the articles that I had written and he recommended that Jane contact me.

Jane and I had one pretty short meeting and in that same meeting, all of her problems were resolved – another happy customer that I did not have to go out and find!

Within a week, Jane had introduced me to another person (let’s call him Bill). Bill had been offered a very senior position in a company that was started to regulate other businesses in a very specific field and he was not sure if the Letter of Appointment that he had been given was in his best interests. I assisted him with getting was the very best for him put into his Letter of Appointment – another happy customer that I did not have to go out and find!

Bill accepted the appointment and I was called in at this point to assist him. This particular business was started around the 1950s and believe me, most of the policies and procedures dated back to that time.

Over a period of around 6 or 7 months I supplied them with all the policies, procedures and templates that they didn’t have and updated the ones that they did have and then assisted, in part with the implementation of the new and updated documentation. Another happy customer that I did not have to find!

Last week Bill referred me to one of his clients, (let’s call him Chris). I met with Chris today, there were no questions about “are you able to do this”, it as more of a statement of “these are our problems, when can you start”? Well here’s the thing – I start tomorrow!

I know that I can perform the tasks that they require. I know that I am able to assist them, but I didn’t have to tell Chris any of this – you see Bill did and because Chris trusts Bill, he trusts me too. Bill trusted Jane who told him how happy she was with my deliverables. Jane trusted her brother John – who incidentally I have never met. John had seen my advice in the Business Warrior forum, over a number of years, and because the advice was consistent and because it was evident that I did walk my own talk, John trusted me!

That’s 4 referrals out of one virtual Networking website – 4 customers and 4 sales without me even going to look for them!

Now that’s the Power of Networking!