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Networking 101 – Selling Through Networking

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I feel the need to explore the whole ‘selling’ thing a little more – so following on from last time and the idea of ‘selling through networking’ – I honestly understand that networking is not for everyone. I understand that for some it is really difficult and for those, there are obviously other avenues such as (but not limited to) cold calling.

Let’s have a look at the numbers for a minute,

Irrespective of whether you are cold calling and/or networking (or any other form of selling that there is) there is a set of numbers in terms of what you can expect.

Statistics show that around 20% of the people that you approach, will buy from you and 20% of the people you approach won’t, regardless of whether they have the budget or not – it’s just the way things are.

Here’s the thing though – that still leaves 60% of the people that you can really focus on and herein lies the challenge.

With Networking, I will always have the advantage over the person who is cold calling in terms of turning that 60% prospects into sales. Here’s why – the person who is doing the cold calling, still has to develop relationships with those people – because of Networking, either I have already started building those relationships or in terms of referrals, those relationships have already been built and cemented in.

With Networking I will always have an added advantage (or as some say, an unfair advantage). As long as I look after those relationships and I continue to maintain them (long after the first encounter) I will always be able to sell easier and I will always have referrals.

With Networking and the resultant referrals, I will never have the constant negativity that is a given when cold calling as all my calls will be, at the very least warm and generally very hot!