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Networking 101 – There Always Needs to be an Action of Sorts

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Whilst I am very passionate about Networking, I am also passionate about reading and what’s better reading than books about Networking, referral marketing and even sales. Some great books to get stuck into and get you started are (but not limited to):

• You can’t teach a kid to ride a bike at a seminar by David Sandler.

• The little red book of selling by Jeffrey Gilomer.

• Masters of Sales by Dr. Ivan Misner and Don Morgan – this particular book has 80 of the most successful sales people in the world sharing their secrets with the reader – how awesome is that?

• The truth of delusion by Dr. Misner, Mike Macedonio and Mike Garrison

• Business by referral by Dr. Misner.

Don’t forget to add books that you have read and found to be inspiring as well as any other reading referrals you get from friends/family/colleagues/clients and ‘who have you’. It’s always a good idea to share stuff and this will save you time and energy. No-one wants to go around trying to read everything that is available on the subject only to find that it does not quite fit or it’s not really suitable or even relevant.

Keep these books close at hand and refresh your memory of their content from time to time.

Remember though that reading all the books in the world and attending all the networking events going will not make any difference if you don’t follow up or if there is no action on your part. You have to see the opportunity or synergy and then you have to do something to get it going.