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Inspiration – Powerful Words – Part 2

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Here we are at week two on this particular series – powerful words and how they motivate us. Today we will be looking at a few more and what they can mean in our lives.


This word really resonates with me – you see I often feel completely overwhelmed. Being the person that I am, I often have more than one project on the go. Some are short term, some are medium-term and some are really long term. At the moment I am dealing with several really long term projects (the one we estimate will take around 5 years to complete) and there are two which will be ongoing. These three projects in particular are taking up a huge amount of time now and are not bringing any revenue in, at this moment in time. The result of course is that I find myself really stretched, physically, mentally, emotionally and also financially. On a logical level, of course, I know that the long term projects will bring in huge amounts of money at some point down the line (and yes I know exactly what that point is because that is how it has been planned), but that doesn’t help me with putting food on the table right now. The reality is that I have to have several short terms or “instant money” projects on the go to bring the money in on a monthly basis, and somehow I have to find the time and energy to balance the two.

We all know and understand that finding balance in anything is quite difficult and it is usually when I am hugely “out of balance” that I start to panic and feel completely overwhelmed and out of my depth. The pressure feels as though it is pinning me down and I have to struggle to get out of its clutches. During moments like this, I understand that I am in dire need of what I call my “dream time”. It is the “me” time that I take to just be. To be quiet in myself and in my space. It is the time that I take to think things over and dream of all the possibilities. It is the time that I take to reconnect to my soul, to the child and the adolescent within me. It is the time that I take to reconnect with my purpose in life when I remember why it is that I started this journey, where I want it to take me and what I want to achieve. Taking “dream time” gives me the opportunity to “remember” my purpose and my purpose is the reason that I am on the planet. Forgetting or distancing ourselves from our life’s purpose can have some pretty drastic consequences, so always remember to reconnect, to take some time out and remember.

I seem to be on a mission with myself today. The reason that I am saying this, with a huge big grin on my face is simply this – I often write about the things that I most need to hear and both of these words, today are very definitely what I need to hear about right now. I spend about 90% of my time motivating people. Whether it is through my blogs and the various articles that I write for newspapers and magazines or whether it is when I am giving a talk or even when I am assessing a client’s business, I am motivating them. Whether it is to do things differently in order to get a better result or even when I am rescuing them from something that has happened as a direct result of some bad decisions – I am motivating them. “Well, that’s not a bad thing.” I hear you say, and no of course it isn’t. Here’s the thing though – I seldom take time out to motivate myself and that’s not a good thing. I need to listen to some motivational CD’s or read a motivational book to get me “fired” up every now and then! I need to attend more motivational workshops like the ones presented by Donna McCallum AKA The Fairy Godmother ( and I definitely need to hear some motivational tips from a source other than me!

Hearing things from another person, often puts your own thoughts into a different perspective, it makes them more profound, more real and they often give you greater clout about the ears than when you whisper them to yourself.

Clearly, I need to listen to my own words, so until next time when we continue with some more powerful words – where did I put Donna’s book “A Fairy Godmother’s Guide to Getting What You Want”? Ah – there it is . . .