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Blogging 101 – The Content – Part 10

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I think that one of the things that are truly visible in my writing is the fact that I really enjoy writing. Sure it can become a pain in the rear end, especially if I am pressed for time or I don’t have anything prepared and I am running around like a mad person trying to get everything done – pretty much like today – but generally speaking, I really do enjoy writing!

Working on my own often means that days go by, where I don’t see anyone, let alone speak to anyone. Don’t get me wrong – I have set it up that way and I do like and enjoy it that way. What this means though is that when I write and watch the words appear on the paper, I am engaged in dialogue – the fact that it is a dialogue with myself is an entirely another matter and I am sitting here with a very big smile on my face as I can just imagine the thoughts going on inside the heads of some of you.

The bottom line though is that as time goes by I am getting better at writing, at the way that I express myself, at the way that I look at things, and also the words that I use. I know that you, the reader, can see that I have been having fun and that I really enjoy the fact that I am writing and that is always contagious. I am pretty sure that the minute the writing of my blogs lost its magic for me, the reading of my blogs would lose its’ magic for you.

So, if you are really consistently not enjoying the writing – don’t do it. Rather give it to someone else who loves to write.

Never forget though, that as a ‘blogger’ you are one person giving out information to a (potentially) large number of people! There are times when your blog, specifically the topic that you have written about, will inspire someone and when that happens to me – it is absolutely stunning. You have to remember though that by writing and posting that article, you have opened the door to a conversation and that means that you should continue to take part in that conversation. So try and respond to each person’s comments. Irrespective of whether you agree with what they have had to say or not, the fact is that they have taken the time and trouble to read your blog and respond. Respect them for that!

And now . . . . for the not so lovely part about blogging – the spammers! In my opinion, spammers are the vilest, reprehensible people on the face of the planet – they are lower than the low and certainly lower than shark Sh*t! They are the people who ruin a perfectly good blog or website with their inappropriate postings of offers for Viagra or porn-related video clips. What about those who respond to your article with a post advertising whatever it is that they are selling, irrespective of whether it has anything to do with your article. Because of them, your blog and indeed your website needs to be constantly monitored and you need to delete all of their rubbish on a daily basis.

Next time we will have the final episode on the content of your blog – until then – happy writing!