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Early Warning – Warning from ADT Security

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I received this communication from one of my colleagues:
“Please spread this email, to all your staff, friends and family, we all need to be aware and we all need to put a stop to this, winter is coming and that’s when most house break ins happen.

The following points were made in a discussion with members of SA Police Services on Radio IFM.

We are not aware that any of these signs are being used by criminals in our area but I feel it is good that you be warned.
•    When there is a Z painted at the Stop sign – there is a few houses being robbed in that street
•    If there is a heap of small stones in front of a house. – There are dogs
•    If there is two large stones placed next to each other. – two old people
•    Sometimes they pack a few stones in a row next to each other. – how many people in the house.
•    Colors :
•    Red coke can, red rag etc’ means the occupants can defend themselves
Coke can on its side. – somebody at home
Coke can standing straight up. – nobody at home.
* White: sorghum box pointing to house. – marked to break in
White plastic bag on fence. – easy target
* Green: directions, the direction the green bottle is showing. – the direction they should move
* Blue: any blue bag, paper etc. – Somebody in the house prepared to help you.
* Black: Stock Theft.
* If your dog suddenly dies or is vomiting and there is black dots in the vomit or any white powder next to the dog. Contact the police, they must remove the dog and vomit immediately, do not touch anything, it is dangerous.
•    If your dog barks at night, – listen to the type of barking
•    A Kiewiet makes one noise when seeing an owl but a different noise when seeing a human being.
•    Simba Chips packet: it is folded neatly, If the face on packet is pointing towards your house. – Boss at home
•    If face is pointing away from home. – Boss not at home
•    If they see foot prints by your gate, they know somebody stays here.
•    They phone your house number to find out if you are at home.
•    They switch off your power at your (unlocked) mains box, if you go out to check your box, your home is open
For them to slip in or you are a soft target outside alone in the dark.
•    Strange object: Arriving at home in your car, a strange object, dustbin, carton box, brick, tree branch, go past it,
if you get out to remove the object, you are a soft target.
•    What Must You Do:
•    Remove all the loose signs in front of your house, throw it away
•    There has been cases where the “signs” were removed three times and the chap who had to plant the signs got into trouble
•    Try and remove the painted signs, paint over them.
Report any signs that you think were planted there after you had removed them.

Yogen Govender
Area Operations Manager – North”
Let’s be safe out there people!