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Networking 101 – Always Have Business Cards With You

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I am at a total loss! No really – at a complete and total loss! Yip, sometimes words fail me and this, is one of those time!

People who go to (or even set up) Networking meetings/events, who do not have business cards with them!

I mean I can sort of kind of understand being somewhere and running out of cards because the crowd that you expected to be there, is somewhat smaller than the crowd that actually arrived (but that’s why I always have a full box of cards in the car), but people going to a Networking event or even hosting a Networking event and not having any cards – well that, for me just defies logic. I mean, why are you going to a Networking event (not to mention actually hosting one) if your intent is not to Network?

The bottom line of course, is always be prepared (for me it’s always about being proactive) and that means always having cards with me – it’s my branding, it’s my marketing, it’s my PRO, it’s the way that I Network and it does work for me. So I always have cards in my wallet, cards in my work bag, cards in my notebook (the one that I usually take when I go to Networking functions) and cards in my car. That way, I may run out of cards on me, but I always have a back up supply.

My business cards are crucial to my getting new business. They represent me, they represent my skills and services and having them with me always, tells people that I am serious about what I do – that I am serious about my business and that I am a professional, regardless of whether I am at a Networking meeting, or at my nephew’s school watching a soccer match. My business cards tell people that my business is open . . . well for business.

I never know when the next opportunity is going to come knocking at my door – it could be as I stand in the queue at the post office or waiting for my car to be vacuumed at the car wash (and yes I did meet a colleague there, who was invited to attend some Networking meetings and the rest, as they say, is history), so I make it a point to never be without a card or two.

So the next time you head out the door, check for car keys, house keys, watch, wallet and of course . . . those business cards! There will come a time when you will be pleased that you did.