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Early Warning – Intimidation

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EARLY WARNING – Intimidation

By Nikki Viljoen – Viljoen Consulting – July 2011

Once again, I have received this mail from a colleague and once again, in my opinion it is better to be forewarned than dead!

“URGENT WARNING – JHB Roads – And other areas – New intimidation methods

Hi Ladies / Gents

Please be very careful when travelling alone. A woman had been pushed off the road on Saturday at 10:00 on Parkland drive Esther Park road. A white
taxi full of men followed her for about 5 minutes and then moved in next
to her car and slowly pushed her towards the pavement. They kept on until
a couple of other cars started to drive around her, and then left.

This morning another lady stopped at a traffic light on Jan Smuts Avenue
Kempton Park. A taxi stopped next to her and five guys jumped out of the
taxi. One banged on the roof of her car, two tried to open the front
doors, a third jumped onto the bonnet of her car and a fourth stood in
front of her car. She got such a fright that she pulled away knocking the
chap in front of her down and crossed the red robot. It seems that this is
a new type of intimidation, victimizing mainly women drivers.

Please be very careful when driving on your own. This is the 11th case
we’ve heard of since last week. A single woman travelling from Boksburg
stopped at a robot and was pulled from her car and raped repeatedly by 4
men in a taxi and another 2 at the Modderfontein intersection.

Please pass this on – not only to females – but to everyone – be alert.

Men: please forward this to all the ladies you know.

They found another way to hijack u by bumping you softly and as u get out
the car to see what had happened they hijack you.”