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Motivation – Believe Your Dreams

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Eleanor Roosevelt said “The future belongs to those who believe in their dreams”.

Having recently watched “The Mountain Within” and read the book with the same title, by Herta Von Stiegel (, the issue around our dreams and hopes and goals and aspirations has once again hit home – hard!

In retrospect, I find that I am guilty of not dreaming enough!  Strange as that may sound, the fact of the matter is that I have become too caught up in the day to day struggle of getting things done, of juggling the balls and ensuring that they all remain in the air.  The fact of the matter is that realistically, I need to schedule some time in my diary – some quiet time to think, to dream and to engage with that part inside of me that allows thoughts and dreams to become reality.

Growing up on a huge farm in the then Rhodesia, “Dream time” was something that I did on a daily basis and it was done naturally and without any conscious thought to how important it is in everyone’s life.

Dreams of visiting Russia as I read books on the colourful character, that was Rasputin and the deep love between Nicolas and Alexandra, or the man of action that was Peter the Great and all the loves of Catherine the Great, turned into reality when I visited Russia in 2001. I can still remember the grown ups (or grups as I called them as a child) laughing at me and mocking me when I vocalized my intention of visiting Russia day.  You see, this was the early 60’s and of course on-one visited communist countries then.  I remember the sting of their laughter and my own 5 year old resolution – I would visit Russia one day!

I also remember standing at the canal, outside the Cathedral of the Resurrection in St. Petersburg, right at the spot where they tried unsuccessfully to drown Rasputin.  My thoughts this time, full of emotion – full of pleasure, at the realization of the fact, that this particular dream had never died.  This dream, had stood the test of time and had endured some 40 odd years to become a reality.

I cannot begin to tell you all the thoughts that went through my mind. I was exhilarated and humbled at the same time.  Excited, sad, awed and also proud.  One thing that I do remember though, is the thought that played itself over and over again in my mind (and I am sure that I even said the words out loud at some point too), “I told you I would come to Russia one day!”

And that’s exactly how it should be – that’s how it can be – our dreams turning into reality – our dreams becoming our future.

So, I don’t know about you, but I now have my diary at hand and I will book the time and hopefully I will be able to return to that childhood time, when ‘dream time’ was a natural thing and where I will once again be in charge of the future that I will take part in and that will become my reality.

What about you?  Do you “dream” enough?