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Early Warning – Phone Call Internet Scam hits SA

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Sadly, we seem to have become a target for people with a hidden agenda. Please keep your information safe – do not give access to your bank accounts or your cell phone pin numbers or your computers to just anyone.

News24 – 2012-03-18 – SAPA

Cape Town – Internet users should be wary of an international phone scam that allows people full access to their computer, according to a report on Sunday.

The Weekend Argus reported that victims get a call on their land line from someone claiming to be a Microsoft employee, alerting them to a computer problem.

The scammers claim the victim’s computer is submitting error messages and contains corrupt files that could damage it.

According to the report, the user is led to a programme called Microsoft Event Viewer, which displays error messages. They are then told to go to a website and download software to fix the problem.

Some South Africans had fallen victim to the scam, giving over full control of their computer with an added insult of a £185