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Blogging 101 – Where else to look for ideas – Part 3

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Last time we looked at describing how people use gestures, for inspiration or ideas for articles of interest that pertain to their particular passion. Today we will have a look at a few more.

Here in South Africa, although I suspect it is the same the world over, there are more than many instances where people don’t get what they deserve.

Let’s turn it around for a change and put a positive spin on things – we are always very quick to complain when things are wrong, but how often do we give praise or make a big deal out of things that go right?

After getting intense headaches for a while now, I realized that I haven’t had my eyes tested for over 3 years now, so I promptly took myself off to a spectacle shop in the local mall and was told that my new glasses would be ready in about 10 days. Yesterday, after only 3 days I got a call to let me know that the glasses were ready. What great service this was – great savings on the deal and glasses ready, way before the expected date! Well done guys!

Don’t stress it – I am not going all “airy-fairy” on you all. The truth is though, that I do believe that what you give you get in return. It is a simple philosophy, but one that has worked well for me over the years. Again, there is always good karma and bad karma and again, let’s turn it around and focus on the good.

The really great thing about this type of “giving” though is that it doesn’t have to cost you a “financial anything”! It’s about a kind word, or sharing some time with someone in need, or donating blood or even doing a “pro-bono” mentoring session with someone. Or how about endorsing some else’s blog or website or tweet, with several reasons as to why your readers may want to go there.

This is one of my favourites and let’s be honest here. With all of Zuma’s and Malema’s antics, not to mention the rest of the crew we have, here in South Africa there is an absolute wealth of material! Hells Bells, look at what Pieter Dirk Uys or Trevor Noa or even Zapiro have done with some of that material – not only have they built careers and made a lot of money with it, but they have also highlighted certain political and sometimes even very sensitive issues, with humour and they have made us laugh (we South African’s love to laugh at ourselves), whilst all the while also making a difference. Now, how cool is that?

My particular take on this is . . . . “so many articles to write and so little time”!

Next time we will have a look at some more ideas to keep those blogs flowing. Until then “Happy Writing” and don’t forget to have fun!