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Blogging 101 – Where Else to Look for Ideas – Part 6

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Last time we looked at the opportunities around television, being angry or upset and victory and defeat, for inspiration or ideas for articles of interest that pertain to your particular passion. Today we will have a look at a few more.


Share the lessons that you have learned during the course of the past year and maybe some of what you consider to be your greatest achievements.

In terms of ‘lessons learned’, if you have had to learn the lesson the hard way, I am sure that there are many individuals out there who would really appreciate not having to go through the angst and anxiety themselves.

When you share your achievements it might be a good idea to take your readers on the journey, as you experienced it as there may be someone who is on a similar journey who will be motivated and inspired by your achievements.

Everyday Activities
For me, the ‘everyday activities’ are about the routine things that I have tasked myself to do every day, like for example the writing of my blog. It might be a good idea to explain ‘why’ you have chosen to perform these tasks on a daily basis and how you feel once the task has been completed. Again for me, writing is extremely important as it is part of the creative side of me. If I don’t write something every day, then I am not ‘balanced’ and that causes its own set of complications. So once my blog for the day is written I feel that I have released my creative energy for the day and that brings about a sense of peace and well-being – clearly a great way to start the day.

Believe me when I tell you that you can literally write something to death! I know I did. When I first started on my ‘blogging’ journey, all I wrote about was “The Power of Networking” – 170 odd blogs on Networking later, I found myself procrastinating every time I had to write another article and realized that I was all blogged out on the subject. So I stopped writing about Networking and found something else to write about. Am I still passionate about Networking – of course, I am, but I can find no more to write on the subject and it is still all there for anyone to read?

Also, sometimes the creative juices are just not there – don’t force it, give yourself a break for the day or several days for that matter – you can always come back to it and re-kindle your passion for writing.

Remember though, if you do not enjoy what you are doing, then what is the point! Always have fun!

Next time we will have a look at some more ideas to keep those blogs flowing. Until then “Happy Writing” and don’t forget to have fun!