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HR 101 – Training Records Check List

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Please note that this pertains to South African Labour Relations and Best Practice requirements

As usual it is of the utmost importance that accurate staff records are kept and maintained. Ultimately these may be required to prove legit ability in terms of BEE and EE requirements.

Clearly it will also assist with ensuring that staff are adequately trained for the tasks that have been allocated to them and to ensure that they remain up to date and ‘current’ with the latest technological and legal requirements and methodologies.

Some of the required information is (but not limited to):

1. Employee’s personal information:
– Surname
– Name(s)
– Identity Number
– Employee Number (where applicable)
– Designation/Position
– Grade/Level
– Line Manager
– Department
– Date Started
– Gender
– Racial Group
– Disability

2. Training courses attended
– Course Name
– Type of Training (i.e. skills/development/ABET/school level/further education/tertiary etc.)
– Training Provider – Name
– Training Provider’s registration information with the relevant SETA’s etc.
– Starting Date
– Completion Date
– Number of Training days/hours
– NQF credits – if registered
– Examination information including results obtained.
– Direct costs incurred – cost of course/books/examination fees/any other.
– Indirect costs incurred – travel/accommodation/meals/any other.

3. Bursary Information
– Type of Study
– Name of course/degree/diploma
– Special Conditions that may apply
– Contract date
– Contract Term
– Costs incurred.

Remember though that records are only worth anything if they are updated and maintained on a regular basis.