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Blogging 101 – Where else to look for ideas – Part 7

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Last time we looked at the opportunities around what the last year brought; Everyday Activities and Hiatus, for inspiration or ideas for articles of interest that pertain to your particular passion. Today we will have a look at a few more.

Free Writing
I have recently come across a style of blog writing called “Free Writing”. Now apparently what you do is ensure that you will not be disturbed by phone calls or e-mails etc., decide on a small amount of time (like 10 or 15 minutes), sit down and just start writing. Don’t worry about your mind wandering, just let your thoughts guide the writing. Once you are done, you will obviously discard some of what you have written, but you will also be astounded by some of the profound things you have written.

Don’t be scared of your imagination. Don’t be scared by the playfulness of your inner child, just have fun.

I often use movies, both the big screen and the small screen, that I have recently watched to illustrate a particular point that I am trying to make. When your readers identify themselves with a favourite actor or actress or indeed even a favourite movie or show, they often “get” the point that you are trying to make a whole lot easier.

Read fiction
Read fiction – lots of it! Sure it is also great to read factual type books, but fiction and fantasy are also wonderful. Quite honestly, they inspire me and I am often amazed by the minds of the authors and how their brains work. In particular authors like Dean Koontz, who is well known as a “horror story” writer, and what about fantasy writers like J K Rawling and her tales of Harry Potter or J R R Tolkien and his Lord of the Rings series, who wrote of hobbits and fairies and made-up languages – what incredible imaginations they must have, what incredible minds . . . and their stories . . . that transport you to magical places. They terrify, horrify, intrigue and mystify you, but most of all they entertain you and that is exactly what your blog should do – entertain your readers.

Years ago before everyone had a computer or the internet was available to many, I used to travel a great deal for work. I also have a really great Russian friend Olga, who is married to a Greek chap and who lives on a tiny island in Greece. We corresponded regularly and I introduced her to this incredible country by mail. As I travelled and mostly drove to wherever I was going I would compose my letters to her in my head. From the wide-open spaces and “Big Sky” country of the Free State to the magnificence of the Drakensburg and beauty of the Cape and the breathtaking views in the Eastern Transvaal.

Wherever I visited I bought picture postcards and then told the story of my journey there and what I saw around me.

More than 20 years later we still correspond regularly via SKYPE. We chat often and she tells me that she often goes back to her bundle of letters and postcards from me, during the long cold winter months and imagines herself travelling those roads and seeing those sights.

I certainly learnt a lot about South Africa as I looked around me and I mean really looked. There is nothing like having to describe something that you take for granted to make you open your eyes and really see!

Next time we will have a look at some more ideas to keep those blogs flowing. Until then “Happy Writing” and don’t forget to have fun!