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Blogging 101 – Where Else to look for Ideas – Part 8

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Last time we looked at the opportunities around Free Writing, the Movies, reading Fiction and Nature, for inspiration or ideas for articles of interest that pertain to your particular passion. Today we will have a look at a few more.

1. Quirky Facts
Having been in business now for over 16 years this year (yes I am one of those good statistics that we hear about from time to time), I have encountered several ‘strange but true’ incidents and often write about them. Some of them are hilariously funny and I often find myself giggling away as I recount the story, but sadly some of them do not have happy endings and I feel a profound sense of sadness when I tell these stories because they more often than not tell of loss – so yes some of my clients have lost their businesses, their relationships and their livelihood. Both kinds of stories however, are told not to gloat or because I want to embarrass anyone, but rather to illustrate what can and often does happen, so that these particular types of results can be avoided where possible. Obviously it would not be a good idea to ‘name and shame’ anyone, so the identity of the client or real life protagonist is always kept confidential – but their stories are told and hopefully they serve to prevent similar types of issues from reoccurring.

2. Stating the Obvious
Just because I have made a statement, what feels like a million times and in my mind every person on the planet has heard it, the reality is that there are still many more out there who haven’t! Just like I always tell people not to ‘assume’ stuff, so should I listen to my own advice and make the statement again! The reality is that there will always be someone out there who hasn’t heard the statement yet and who in all probability, is in desperate need of hearing it. So go back to the beginning, to what are the ‘ground roots’ or the cornerstone of what people need to know. It may be feeling like you are caught up in or stuck in a ‘ground hog’ kind of situation, but you will most certainly be assisting someone somewhere.

3. Taking a break
When all else fails, I put my pen down or switch the computer off and spend some quality time with my kittens. I tickle their tummies or scratch their ears and under their chins and just revel in the marvel of unconditional love and trust that my animals bestow upon me. They never cease to bring a smile to my face or give me pause to chuckle at their antics and even on occasion to squeal when my youngest unmarried daughter of the feline furry persuasion bites my toes or nips at my ankles, in her own little attempt to get my attention. Often the distraction is all that was needed to take my attention away from the frustrations at hand and I am able to once again focus and get on with what needs to be said and done.

We are at the end of this particular series and I hope that these tips have provided you with some inspiration when you have those moments where your mind is a blank and you feel that there is nothing to write about.

Remember, as much as you may need to get that article out there, you also need to enjoy yourself, so as always “Happy Writing” and don’t forget to have fun!