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Motivation – The strong man

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Today’s quote appears to have been written anonymously and it says “It takes a strong man to swim against the current; any dead fish will float with it.”

So what does that mean to you – I know what it means to me.  Have a look around you at all the entrepreneurs, at all the small business owners and at all the people who have made a success out of their lives.  They are all the ‘strong man’ in this story.  They have all done, whatever it is that they have done and achieved against many, many odds!

I know from my own experience, that when I decided to go on my own, it was the biggest ‘leap’ of faith that I have ever taken in my entire life.  Looking back in retrospect of course, I wonder about the fear and uncertainty that I experienced.

Of course at the time, it was really difficult and had I given in to my fear, or indeed listened to any of the numerous people that were telling me how stupid I was and the rest that goes with that, I would certainly not be where I am today, and this missive would not be in the process of being written.  Again, looking back, I cannot understand what was so scary – what I do know however, is that I have grown a very thick skin.

Don’t get me wrong, I will listen to any advice that anyone wants to give me, but I make up my own mind, and do what is best for me and for my business, not what other people perceive as being best for me.  I’ve come to realize that other’s people fear of me failing is exactly that – their fear and as such, it’s nothing to do with me and none of my business!  I’ve come to realize that when they tell me not to do things, it is because they lack courage to do what it is that they dream of and on some subconscious level they seem to think that they are ‘saving’ me from myself.

How presumptuous!  Oh I know that on some level they think that what they are doing is ‘best’ for me – but actually what they are doing is adding to my stress.  Instead of supporting me and finding ways to assist me or to help me realize my dreams, they put every kind of hindrance before me.

Oh and I am not alone either!  Every single person who has gone out on their own, started their own business or even dared to follow their hearts and their dreams, was in exactly the same space that I was in. They have all grabbed the bull by the horns and followed their hearts.  They are all the ‘strong men’ who have swum against the current and who have won the right to live their dreams.  They should all be applauded and their courage recognized.

So the next time you have something to say to someone who wants to start a business or follow a dream – instead of telling them what they can’t do, rather encourage them and tell them what they can do, help them, support them, encourage them and watch how successful they become.