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Networking 101 – Branding who you are

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Do you know what you stand for? Well . . . . . do you?

What is it that you represent? What do you stand for? When you walk away from a conversation – do you leave a part of yourself behind? What about an e-mail or an sms – when you send one, does it contain something that reflects who you are and what you represent?

When you enter a room – do people notice you? Well . . . do they?

I’m sure you’re wondering “what’s with all of the questions?” It’s about branding who you are.

You see, I’m ‘in love’! I can just see all of you who know me, fall laughing to the ground! Ok you can get up now!

Yes I am, I am in love! I am in love with what I do. I am crazily, passionately in love with what I do – and that shows.

It shows in my energy. It shows in every conversation that I have regarding work and even if it is a conversation that has nothing to do with work – it shows. It shows because I live to do what it is that I do!

How fabulous is that!

It shows in every e-mail that I send out. It shows every time I enter a room.

It just shows!

So, I ask again – do you know what you stand for?