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Networking 101 – The Value of your Network

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What about the true value of your network?  Do you know how to ascertain if the person you are talking to has such a thing?  In fact do you know what the true value of your network is?

For me, the value of my network is evidenced by the number of people who talk about me even when I am not there.  The members of my network refer me all the time and tell others of how I have referred them and what that has done for them as individuals and for their businesses.

I was at a networking function a couple of weeks ago and Helen Nicholson, who I consider one of the ‘guru’s’ of networking was the speaker.  After her speech I grabbed an opportunity to have a quick chat with her and catch up.  Her opening statement to me was “I hear that you are extremely busy!”  Thinking that she had been talking to one of my friends I asked her who had told her and she relied saying “Everyone I meet with is talking about you, so you must be very busy!”

Here is the true value of my network at work.  People are talking about me, referring me, referring each other.  This is networking at its most powerful.

So tell me about your network, better yet – have a good look at your network.  What do you do for them and what do they do for you.  What is the value of your network?