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Inspiration – Motivation & Inspiration

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This week’s quote comes from S’thandiwe Kgoroge who says; “It’s good to be inspired by other people, but strive for excellence at your own pace.”

So many times, we try and keep up with the people who originally inspired us, or the people that we look up to. Then when we are not able to do so, we sink to our knees in despair and beat ourselves up because we have failed!


Why do we feel the need to do things at the same speed or in the same time frame as everyone else? Are we not unique individuals who should be walking through life to the beat of our own drums?

Surely it would be better for us (and probably less stressful for those we are trying to emulate) to set our own goals and arrive at our own destination in our own time, having now experienced the lessons along the way that we were intended to learn?

Don’t always be in such a hurry! Take time to enjoy the journey! Take time to understand the lessons and therefore to learn from them! Take time to enjoy your life. Take time to be ‘all that you can be’.

Take time to be you.