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Inspiration – Keep Going

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It is said that you can keep going long after you think you can’t!

So many times we have heard, and no doubt said ourselves – “I just can’t go on anymore!” Sound familiar? Yet somehow we always do.

From my own perspective, it is at these times that I understand that I need to ‘step back’ from the situation, remove the emotion and the drama, the perceptions, and the expectations, and look at the cold hard facts.

Often it is my perception that has become skewered by the “what” is happening around me. Often I am just too close to the issues and have lost my focus or have become caught up in the emotions of those around me.

I am sure that I am not the only Small Business Owner out there (SMME) who loses focus from time to time and this is not a good thing for any individual.

We constantly worry about deliverables, cash flow, stock, clients who don’t pay, or clients who can’t seem to make up their minds. Then there are the clients who want nothing, but then at the 11th hour expect you to perform near miracles to get the work done on time. Sourcing new clients and accommodating old ones can take the steam out of any engine, and as the people who perform all the tasks in our businesses, it is easy to forget, just for a moment you understand, that we are not superman or superwoman but in fact ordinary men and women who have decided to live extraordinary lives.

So when everything becomes overwhelming and the walls start closing in, take some time out – even if it is only half an hour. Get out of the office or the store. Get up off your chair, switch the phone off, walk away from the computer. Brew yourself a great cup of coffee, take a walk or even a long bubble bath, and just relax. Re-group and then go back to the problem at hand.

Many times, quite miraculously a solution will have appeared. You will be surprised just how often, when you think that you just cannot go on, that something, someone intervenes and life becomes sweet and full of promise.

Remember, always have fun and never give up on your dreams!