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Living – Living Each Day

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Today’s quote comes from an anonymous donor who says “Live each day as if it is your last, but start each day anew.”

Live each day as if it is your last! What a statement! What a mindset change! What a lifestyle change!

I am of the opinion that we are all very guilty of becoming complacent. Of taking life and our lives for granted or for just going through the motions of living. In reflection, this is very sad and such a waste.

Then there are those who often live each day as their last, but very seldom start each day as a ‘new’ day – they drag every hurt and perceived wrongdoing through the dawn with them, making the burden of ‘living’ the day as if it were their last a very burdensome one. Thinking on it, logic must tell you that the lighter the load the easier it would be to live the life, so to speak.

So it is my recommendation that we try to recognize what needs to be done on a daily basis, deal with what can be dealt with, accept what can be accepted, and discard the rest – just walk away, it will not serve you in any way to hang onto feelings and emotions or perceived slights and transgressions.

In fact, not only will they not serve you, they will drag you down and in dragging you down, they will prevent you from living each day to the full.