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Inspiration – Peaceful & Calm

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Today’s quote is one from Ralph Marston who says:

“You can choose to be annoyed by just about everything. But why would you wish to be annoyed by anything?

As easily as you can choose to be annoyed, you can choose to be peaceful, patient and understanding. Instead of putting your energy into being annoyed, you can put it into more valuable and productive pursuits.

Would you like to make yourself into a victim, or would you prefer to be firmly in control of your life? Peaceful patience, tolerance, and acceptance will keep you in control.

If there is a situation that needs to be changed, take action to make that change happen. Don’t waste your time being annoyed.

The next time you encounter a situation that would normally annoy you, stop and remember that you have another choice. Instead of letting outside events control your attitude, choose to control it yourself.

Being annoyed is a waste of your life. Be peaceful, calm, and powerful instead.”

Man, oh man – does this ever pertain to me! I have noticed of late that I am constantly challenged by the things around me, my pet hate at the moment being the lack of or bad service. It really makes me see red! My blood level rises along with the sound of my voice. The sad thing is that it very rarely makes any difference to the situation at all, other than to just make me mad.

If it made any difference to the level of service that I was getting, then it would probably be worth my while, but it doesn’t. The person doesn’t care two hoots about the service that they are giving me or not giving me (as is usually the case) and they just label me a difficult client. Would you believe that they actually have workshops on “how to deal with a difficult client”?

Now that made me smile – you see I don’t think that I am difficult! If they gave me good service and exactly what I asked for in the first place, life would be easy and I would not have to be labeled a difficult client. Perhaps they should run a workshop on ‘how to give good service to avoid making a client difficult’.

Now that one would get my vote!

In the meantime, here we still are with me being anything but peaceful and calm!

It doesn’t change the situation in any way, I haven’t made any difference to anything (other than my blood pressure) and quite frankly it is out of my control anyway – so what I should be doing is walking away and voting with my feet – just don’t go there or use that service anymore.

Let’s hope we all have a peaceful, calm, and extremely profitable week!