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Inspirational – Profound Success

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The quote or rather a piece today comes from Ralph Marston, who says:

“Real success is not merely a matter of getting what you want. After all, a newborn infant with a loud cry can accomplish that.
Real success comes from fully being who you are. Real success comes from giving your own unique value to life.
The less you need, the more fulfilled, and powerful, and effective you are. As your peacefulness increases, so does your energy level.
Choose not to let the small things anger you, or annoy you, or distract you. And keep in mind that most things are small things.
Stop fretting so much about whether or not you’re getting your way. Seek instead to relax your judgment, and to find the unique value that is in each moment.
You cannot ever fully control everything that happens, and in fact, you would not want to do so. Enjoy true success by learning how to take whatever happens, and to make it work for the good of all concerned.”
Wow! Powerful words indeed, and as I read through them, I can see once again, that I really need to work on my anger around small issues, and control issues. I seem to be getting angry all the time, and it’s over things that I really should be walking away from – such a time waster – anger over silly things.

I think, however, that it is important to examine ourselves from time to time to see where we are at that point in time. To try, and find the root, or cause of what it is that is making you react in the way that you are currently reacting.

For me at the moment, I am aware of the spurts of anger, and then I usually get annoyed with myself for being angry at silly things! So it is really time to ascertain what is at the cause of the anger – a time for self-examination – a time to deal with issues so that I can move forward.

So, tell me – do you know what is impeding your advancement towards your own personal success?