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Networking 101 – Keep accurate records

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Dr. Renate Volpe, in her nugget cards entitled “Networking Tips” says:

“Keep accurate records.  You need to be able to keep track of the people you meet.”

Once again Renate has hit the nail squarely on the head.  If your records are not accurate, just how do you think you are going to keep track of the people that you meet?

This is possibly one of the main reasons that I am so fond of Plaxo, because it does all of this for me.  If any of my information changes, I need only change it once on my profile in Plaxo and it automatically updates my database with my new information.  How cool is that?

There’s nothing worse than trying to set up a meeting with someone whose telephone number has changed or their e-mail address has changed or they seem have just dropped off the planet.

So, whilst it is important to ensure that your data base records are current and up to date, so too is it important to ensure that your data base has your up to date and current details too.

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