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Inspiration – Time Management

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The quote today comes from William D. Reiff, who says “Without the management of time, you will soon have nothing left to

How many times do we not only say, but also hear the words “I don’t have the time ……”

I know that I have been saying it, probably several times a day for the last three months – this year certainly seems to have gotten away from me, I don’t know about the rest of you.

I am sitting here at my desk, after two days of doing literally nothing, with a huge guilty feeling hanging over my head, as I look at the piles of work that are sitting on my desk – I know that the work will get done, at some point and at a cost – the cost being to me, to my time.

Looking at my diary, everything neatly allocated, it would seem that I have designated my time very effectively and constructively and to be quite honest that is exactly what I have done. The problem arises, with people who have not been allocated any time, but who now suddenly need it desperately. Ironically, it’s those same people (desperate for my time and who demand the most) who pay the least and who take the longest time to pay.

Yet – still my challenge is to say “No”!

So I guess my New Year’s resolution this year is to say the word “No” to those that need it saying to – once I have mastered that, my time management will be an absolute breeze!

So to all of us out there who do not have time – my question to you is the same one that I had to ask myself!

Do you know how to say “No” and even more importantly . . . mean it?