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Motivation – Stuck Inside the Frame

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An unknown author said “It is difficult to see the picture when you are inside the frame.”

Oh you know that this one brought a huge big smile to my face and it just about how apt my “Step away from the car” mantra is.

Ironically though, it is something that I have to consciously think about as I more often than not, react first and then think about what it is I have done rather that what it is I am going to do.  In the last couple of years though, I find it more and more easy to deal with situations once I have ‘parked’ the emotions in a corner somewhere, walked away from the problem and then made a decision once I have calmed down and looked at it from a logical perspective rather than an emotional one.

In fact, although I still get as emotional about stuff as I always used to, I find it a lot easier to come to a rational decision if I internalize the emotion first.  Once I have got the emotion under some semblance of control, I am able to focus or concentrate on something different until the anger or irritation dissipates and then once that has happened I can go back to whatever the problem/issue is and look at it in an almost completely detached manner or as I like to say it “in the cold hard light of day”, look at all of the options and then make the decision from there.  Once that decision is then made I am able to let go of the anger completely and that is fabulous!  There is nothing worse than hanging onto anger that just doesn’t seem to want to leave, but keeps lingering on as you play the whole scene of who said what and when and what you could have/should have done/said etc.  That just gets me all wound up all over again and does more internal damage.

So when you feel your blood pressure rising, along with the tone/volume of your voice – “Step away from the car”, go for a walk, have a hot bubble bath, play with your cat – do something completely unrelated until you have calmed down.  You will thank yourself in the long run!