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Motivation – Work

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The quote today comes from Zig Zigler who says “The most practical, beautiful, workable, philosophy won’t work – if you won’t.”

This one sure made me smile – a big smile!  You see for years now, I have sat in Networking meetings and for me it was kind of like stating the obvious.  Networking doesn’t work unless you work at it!  No matter how great the opportunity that presents itself, if you don’t do something with it – nothing will happen. Building relationships is futile, if you don’t work at them.

I am often astounded by the fact that people go to Networking meetings (or even Business meetings for that matter) and say things like – ‘It doesn’t work for me because nothing happened.’  Well of course nothing happened!  You did nothing!

Despite the fact that the Universe is really abundant, despite the fact that opportunities abound, despite the fact that for every door that closes, several open – you, the individual still have to do something!  For goodness sake people, think about it for a moment – in order to win the Lotto, you still have to buy the ticket!

So perhaps you will believe me now – now that I have the endorsement of the great Zig Zigler!