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Networking 101 – Being a Connector

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I have often been told that I am a ‘connector’.  Now logic must tell you that in order for me to connect people there have to be a minimum of three people.  You see, I have to connect one person to the other.

Stephen Covey says that we should “Synergise principals of creative communication.”

Scott Cundill says that this means “Business is very three dimensional and there will often be alternatives to a situation that are not very clear at first.  If it looks like there are only two options, keep looking – it’s amazing how often a third option manifests itself to a dedicated mind.”

For me, this is often what makes Networking such an exciting adventure.  You see, I have no idea who I am going to meet and who I can connect them with.  More importantly, I also have no idea who I am going to meet and who I don’t know, and who they are going to connect me with.

To make use of Oprah Winfrey’s “What I do know for sure” is that when I go to a Networking event, I will meet people, like minded people who are as  serious as I am about doing the right kind of business and making a difference.

Why do you go to Networking events?