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Inspiration – Land and Live Amoungst the Stars

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Les Brown says “Shoot for the Moon. Even if you miss you’ll land among the stars”.

Every time I read or see this sentence I get such a huge big smile on my face. It gives me that warm fuzzy feeling in the pit of my stomach. It makes me realize that all is well in my world and all is fantastic with me and that makes me really grateful!

Now I can see you all reading this with a really puzzled expression on your faces. You see I have reached for the moon on many occasions and on many of those I have missed completely. At the time the feeling is one of devastation but the result is that another door or opportunity has presented itself – a great big fat juicy lucrative opportunity that serves me well and that is always a good thing – landing amongst the stars.

Actually if the truth be told, I am precisely in that place right now and that is what I really love about writing my blog because nine times out of ten, I end up writing about stuff that I need to hear the most.

You see at the end of last year with the guidance of my mentor, I put all my plans, my goals and my desires in place. Everything was done with an action plan, a due date and the detailed list pertaining to how it was going to be done. A step by step of what I had to do to get things done. I was going to hit the ground running in the New Year..

Please believe me when I say I did hit the ground running in the New Year and I promise you I have hit it hard – thing is though that often the ‘time’ frame that we live our lives on earth is completely different to that of the Universe. Whilst common sense and logic must tell me that there is no such thing as ‘time’ in the Universe and its more to do with the lining up or perhaps ‘aligning’ of things, so that they ultimately all roll out fitting into each other and supporting each other to maximize their wealth of abundance, especially for little old me – the reality is that my deadlines have been missed and things that should have taken place in February have now been moved and shifted out to April, May, June and even as far as August and beyond.

To say that I was a little despondent when I opened my journal to write today’s blog would have been a huge understatement – all my carefully laid out plans down the tubes!! And . . . are they? I think not hey! What they are is ‘moved out’ and ‘shifted’ and a whole new bunch of opportunities have presented themselves in the now, in this current time and space! How cool is that!

The reality is that although the plans for some opportunities have not happened as and when I wanted them to, they have not disappeared from sight altogether. The reality is that there are now some new opportunities that have presented themselves for which I have not planned but now I have some time available to not only put stuff into place for the new opportunities, but I will also be able to utilize some of the strategies from my previous planning.

The reality is that I will now also have time to lie amongst the stars and look up at the moon and ‘plan’ my next opportunity to “Shoot for the Moon”!

How awesome is that!