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Networking 101 – Get Your Mindset Right

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For many of us, Networking is not an easy thing to do and for introverts especially, the next part is extremely difficult.  Getting your mind set right is of vital importance.

Getting you and your business visible, credible and profitable means that even the shyest of us need to crawl out into the open and get busy.  We have to make sure that we create a certain skill set and what have to get out there and meet and mix with people.

Get yourself to as many networking meetings as you can find, even if it means attending meetings held by your local Chamber of commerce .  If you are able to, get yourself writing a regular column in your local newspaper, start a blog.  Get onto other people’s websites or networking websites.  Participate in discussions and share experiences or information.

As you become more and more visible in the business community, your own credibility will begin to develop.  Don’t be shy to ask for testimonials and post them onto your website.

Once people start recognising you they will understand that you are here for the long haul and before you know it you will start receiving quality referrals.

Make sure though, that you always deliver.  If the message on your phone says that you will call back, they make sure that this is exactly what you will do.  If you make a promise – make sure that you deliver more than the minimum.

Build your reputation so that no matter where you are, someone will have heard of you and someone can vouch for you.

Whatever you do, do it with reliability, integrity and credibility.