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Networking 101 – Be Sensitive About Sharing Information

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Dr. Renate Volpe, in her nugget cards entitled “Networking Tips” says:

“The sharing of information or mailing lists, should be done with sensitivity and permission.”

I must admit that this is one of my pet peeves!

I was asked at a Networking meeting recently, how I have built my personal data base into more than 5000 (and that’s without ‘buying’ any data bases) and I answered honestly, by adding one at a time. Not only have I added just one name at a time, but every single person in my data base, I have met, however briefly. They are not just faceless names and contact details. Each one has received correspondence from me (and often still continues to receive information from me) and each one has the propensity to be referred to someone that may need their services, at any given time.

My database works – really hard. Sure there are, sometimes months, when they don’t get any referrals at all and then suddenly something happens and they get referrals coming out of their ears!

That said, I try and treat my database with dignity and respect. I certainly don’t like to be spammed and I am sure that they don’t either. So I don’t just hand out their information for the sake of it, neither do I hand over my data base simply because someone asks me.

Actually I was quite gobsmacked the other day when a colleague asked me to give her my database list so that she could phone them. I must admit I was speechless for a moment – it has taken me several years of hard work to get my database to where it is and I must now just hand that information over to someone so that they can be phoned – I don’t think so.

So take care of your contacts, treat them right and I promise you they will treat you well too.

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