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Networking 101 – Be Prepared

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Dr. Renate Volpe, in her nugget cards entitled “Networking Tips” says:

“Be prepared, act confident and have your business cards at the ready.”

“Be Prepared” – not something that is hugely difficult, I am sure that you would agree, yet you cannot begin to believe the number of times that I go to a Networking event (not to even mention any other kind of event), where the whole idea of the event is to actually Network and people don’t have their cards with them.  I was at a ‘Networking’ breakfast the other morning and sat at a table with nine other people – only one had a business card on her.  I shook my head in absolute wonderment – there I was, dolling out bits of paper for people to write their contact details down on.

Ladies, I am sure that you wouldn’t leave home to go to any kind of event without ensuring that you have make up on, at the very least, and gents – I am sure that you wouldn’t leave home without your wallet – yet people to go Networking events, specifically put together, often at great expense for you to Network and build relationships and not a card in sight!  What a waste of a perfectly great opportunity!

Really, think about it – carefully.  If you want to make the most of every opportunity that could present itself to you and I am sure you would agree that you cannot presume where that may be, then you really do need to be prepared.  Being prepared doesn’t mean like being prepared for a boardroom presentation, it quite simply means always having a business card or two on you. Always, always, always – have your business cards on hand.  Keep a supply in your car, so that if you don’t perhaps have one in your handbag or wallet that you can, if necessary run out to the car and get one.

So ‘be prepared’ and by being prepared you can be confident and look around you – can you see that opportunity?  I can!

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