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Nikki’s Tip of the Week – week-ending 26th August 2017 & upcoming events.

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Today as I look at my calendar for the month of August, it’s like looking at a kaleidoscope of colour! I differentiate all the different “types” of events in my calendar in an attempt to keep balance (whatever that means). So for example, my clients are all pink and my Networking is all green and my Training or Self Development is all yellow etc. To be honest, the ‘yellow’ this month is almost overwhelming as I have signed up for so many things that I feel I need a little help in – PoPi being one of those (see Peter Carruthers freeby below the weekly blog).

My challenge, as usual, is one of time. Time, as always, is in short supply. That said however, these are things that I really need to know or understand or incorporate into what I do on a daily basis. The truth is if I don’t learn or understand or implement these, my business will suffer down the line. The other problem of course is that we often ‘promise’ ourselves that we will “get to it at sometime” and then of course, that “sometime” very seldom happens and before we know it, it’s just too late! We’ve missed the opportunity, the deadline etc., and we find ourselves in a world of pain, wishing that we had woken up sooner!

The time to ‘wake up’ is now! Get it done now, get it out of the way because I promise you, ‘sometime’ down the line, there will be other things that you need to learn, to understand and to implement.

The world is changing . . . daily and we need to get on the bus or we will fall off it. The choice is always ours.

Today is also the last instalment of the “Managing Your Business”, so next week we will move onto something new. I hope you have enjoyed the series. If there is anything in particular that you would like to know about, from a business perspective, and it is something that I have ‘on tap’ let me know and I will include it in the weekly tips.

Don’t forget that I am speaking on Cash-flow on Wednesday. The topic is one that many SME’s struggle with and that is “How to Manage Your Cash Flow Crisis”. Although its’ best not to get to the “Crisis” point, the tips given should help you to avoid this too – here are the details.

Join Nikki Viljoen from Viljoen Consulting as she takes you through the steps of Managing your Cash Flow Crisis.

When: Wednesday 30th August 2017

Time : 08h00 for 08h30am

Cost : R80 per person (includes breakfast & Coffee)

Venue: Piza e Vino, Eagles Landing (corner Scott & Christiaan de Wet Street, Randburg.

Don’t forget to bring your business cards, banners etc. and enjoy some Networking too.

This has been put together through ROCCI (Roodepoort Chamber of Commerce & Industry) and the Business Doctors and of course Piza e Vino in Eagles Landing.

Anyway . . . on a lighter note, but still being proactive.

So this is what my friend Peter Carruthers said about to the response to his first webinar on the subject of PoPI (Protection of Public Information Act) that recently took place. Please see below (my weekly tip) for the link if you were not able to attend the last webinar.

“Last night I was stunned at the number of questions asked at my Free POPI/ Protection of Personal Information Webinar. Great questions. The event lasted for two hours.

But it was when we began to look at the costs of compliance that the brown stuff hit the fan. All the expensive training on offer tells you what to do, but not how to do it.

So, next week, Tuesday night, 22 August, 8 PM, I’m going to present the webinar again. I will build into the core material the answers to the questions I was asked. (250 people ask many questions.)

This POPI issue is a little like my uncle Stanley. We know he’s there, but we are all a little afraid of him, so we don’t want to go too close.

The bottom line is 670,000 businesses in South Africa have to comply with this new legislation. It doesn’t matter whether we think it’s bogus. The option is simple: Comply or Consequences.

Compliance will cost money. It’s going to cost time. Lots of time. And it’s going to cost effort, learning what needs to be done, and doing it.

Consequences will be a whole lot more expensive if we choose to ignore this.

In this free webinar I’m trying to offer a fast track that we small business owners can use.

I was told last night that this free webinar offers as much useful content as seminars costing R3000 upwards and taking up an entire morning or afternoon”

Here’s the deal . . .

Please feel free to engage with me, or not. Please feel free to send me your own snippets of information, early warnings, appropriate funnies and what have you, to share with other like-minded individuals, entrepreneurs and start-ups.

I hope and trust that you will enjoy the journey with me.

This weeks’ Blog:

BUSINESS TIPS – Managing Your Business – Part 5

By Nikki Viljoen – Viljoen Consulting CC – April 2011

Irrespective of how ‘uncertain’ times are and how difficult it is to get the business in or make the sale, or how much you have downscaled the expenses, the fact of the matter is that you have to keep your staff motivated if you want to still get the business in and the orders processed. Clearly I am not talking only of the sales staff here!

Here’s the thing, if you have cut back and trimmed away as much as you should have and tightened your belt as far as it can be tightened, then most if not all of your staff have taken over some (if not all) of the duties of the staff who have left and usually for no additional remuneration. That means that you need to implement some sort of reward system to motivate them. This is where you have to get creative, as you may not be able to reward them financially. There are many perks that don’t necessarily cost the company a lot of money but could have huge beneficial implications to the staff. Things like, introducing flexitime, so that they spend less time in traffic and therefore have more quality family time or even, if it can be done, allowing them to work from home. This could result in you renting out your excess office space and your staff member spending less on fuel and toll fees – a win/win situation, I am sure you will agree. Rather get rid of the ‘dead wood’ and poor performers and reward those who have invested themselves in your company and who work effectively and efficiently. Poor performers and ‘dead wood’ take up a huge amount of management time and ultimately increase costs in more ways than one.

One of the quickest ways to decrease costs and increase productivity is to ensure that your operational costs are kept to a minimum. Machinery should be well and regularly maintained to optimise efficient use and processes implemented and properly managed to ensure that both quantity and quality of output. This should also be measured to ensure that it is of the highest standard. Regular review of processes and procedures to ensure that they are both effective and efficient and that they comply with legislation will also ensure that workflow output is optimised and constant and that fines or penalties are not levied against you for non-compliance.

Finally, “always keep your enemies close”. Make sure that you know what your competition is doing to ensure that you are doing things better, more efficiently and more effectively. Make sure that your always give value for money and that you operate from a place of integrity and honesty with your clients, your suppliers and your staff.

In your Business – honesty really is the best policy!

Nikki is an Internal Auditor and Business Administration Specialist who can be contacted on 083 702 8849 or or

Look what happening in the world of Pete Carruthers.

A new law kicks in soon. It affects each of the 670 000 businesses in SA, including yours.

Most small business owners know nothing about it yet. They may have heard about the R10million fines and the 10 years in jail, but that’s about all most people know about PoPI.

Find out what you must do to survive the Protection of Personal Information Act, coming soon to your business.

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