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Inspiration – Inspiration or Desperation

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Tony Robbins says “In life you need either inspiration or desperation.”

I am more often than not confused by the number of people who have to be constantly “motivated” to get things done.

What’s with that? I really don’t understand it at all!

For me, if I have to be motivated to do something it means that I am not fully engaged at the very least and certainly it means that it is something that I am not passionate about or something that does not serve my purpose!

I remember as a youngster and school and even at college, we were not only encouraged but in some cases even forced to take extra lessons for subjects that we struggled with or just plain hated. I didn’t see the sense of that then and to be perfectly honest, I don’t see the logic in it now.

As the owner of my own business now, I am in a position to ‘outsource’ the things that I don’t enjoy or that don’t captivate my imagination or hold my attention.

This means of course, that I am able to do the things that I love, that challenge my mind and inspire me. These are the things that allow me to live my true authentic, congruent self. These are the things that make my heart smile and my soul sing.

These are the things that make me . . . well me!