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Inspiration – The Joy of Constantly Learning

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On his website Rich Habits Institute, Tom Corley outlines a few of the differences between the habits of the rich and the habits of the poor.

Two of these are:

1. 88% of the wealthy people read 30 minutes or more each day for education or career reasons vs 2% of the poor and
2. 86% of the wealthy believe in life long educational self-improvement vs 5% of the poor.

The reality then of course is that ‘those who need it the least do it the most and those who need it the most do it the least!”

Why am I telling you this?

Well that’s simple really – because I am also one of the 2% and 5% respectively and since I have been doing this, my “lot in life” has certainly changed dramatically, and whilst I am now ‘debt free’, I am not quite at the same level as ‘the wealthy’ yet but I am certainly on my way.

To say that I came upon Marsha Wright’s The Secret Collaborative Community by accident, would be a stretch because I certainly believe that “when the student is ready the teacher will appear” and in this case that is certainly true.

Let me break it down and give you the stats.

I started reading The Secret Collaborative Community around the 9th December 2016, and since I am also reading a book by Dr John Demartini and an online course on “How To” by T. Harv Eker at the same time and there are only 60 minutes a day allocated to all three “for the reading” and a further 30 minutes a day allocated to the ‘doing’ of what I’ve just read, the going is slow, but steady and sure..

I have had my twitter account for several years now and discovered that I have managed to attract an average of around 83 followers a month.

I started going onto the #ThinkBigSundayWith Marsha around the middle of January 2017 and this is where I changed just two habits. The first one was that I retweeted just 5 of the current tweets appearing on the feed but included a brief ‘one liner’ that added to or re-enforced the message that the person who had tweeted the message. The second thing was that I then found my own inspirational quote and posted that. Just an extra 10 minutes or so each day and this time is taken out of the aforementioned 30 minutes allocated to the ‘doing’ of what I learn.

The results have been nothing short of amazing!

At the end of January my twitter followers had increased from about 83 monthly to 123 for the month and this increased again in February to an additional 173 for the month and as the 28th March I was already sitting at an additional 280 followers for the month. The numbers continue to grow, gathering momentum along the way and I am excited every single day to watch the number of followers increase.

To turn it up a notch, I am now posting the words of that same inspiration tweet onto Facebook and LinkedIn and they too have made a tremendous impact. Not only have my followers increased by leaps and bounds but I am also making a huge difference in the lives of some. The feedback from all 3 social media sites are heart-warming and give me that ‘warm fuzzy feeling’ and make me smile on the inside.

When a simple gesture like posting a quote, produces a result like this and makes a difference, what more is there to say.

Thank you to Marsha Wright for not only a practical guide ‘how to’ book but also an inspiring one.