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Nikki’s Tip of the Week – week-ending  28th   October 2017 & Important Information. – Role Models

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I’ve been trawling on the social media sites, just for a little inspiration.  Yes there was some but the majority of posts are about men beating up women, kids being bullied or being the bully, unspeakable acts of brutality and torture to defenceless animals, murder most foul to men, women and children, rampant corruption and greed.  I’ve stopped trawling because I cannot un-see what I have already seen and to continue would be to break my already sore heart.

 I am quite frankly baffled . . . where did it go so wrong and why have we allowed it to get to this point and I’m not talking only about South Africa because this seems to be a world trend.  I need to go and watch cute kitten and puppy videos for a while to sooth the disquiet in my soul.

 Where are the hero’s? Where are the people that we should be looking up to and emulating and learning from?  Should we not be watching shots of them, or reading stories of upliftment?

 Perhaps we should also remember that we are all “Role Models” ourselves.  Children learn from what they see and if it is us that is in their line of sight . . . what on earth are we teaching them?

 Instead we feed our souls with wanton destruction, despicable behaviour, intense and destructive hatred for our fellow man.  The world is teetering on the brink of something quite ugly and it makes me heart-sore.

 No more social media for me for a while, that’s for sure!

 Anyway . . .  on a lighter note, but still being proactive.

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This weeks’ Blog:

 MOTIVATION – Understanding That We are All Role Models

By Nikki Viljoen of N Viljoen Consulting CC

For the record, whilst I do understand that we are all role models in our own right – this particular subject makes me extremely nervous on a personal level.

Let me explain why, so that you too can be aware of it and then we will move forward on to the ‘understanding that we are all role models’.

Being a role model is not a difficult thing at all.  We have all ‘looked up’ to people in our lives.  We have all, at some point or another followed someone’s way of thinking or doing or looking.  That in itself is a healthy thing and not bad at all.  It’s when someone ‘hangs’ onto your every word and actually almost (if not in fact) ‘hero worships’ you or puts you onto the proverbial pedestal.  This is where it actually goes pear shaped!  You see at some point you are going to fall off that pedestal and when that happens there is usually a great deal of hurt and anger and animosity.  You didn’t put yourself onto the pedestal and yet you are the person who gets blamed for falling off the damn thing!  So now you know why I get very nervous when people want me to ‘mentor’ them, it actually makes me want to run in the other direction.  For the South Africans amongst us – remember Hansie and all the emotion, disbelief and anger that came out of that one (myself included).  Putting people onto a pedestal is not a good thing at all – they are after all . . . just people.

So now, let’s have a look at ‘Understanding That We are All Role Models’.

It’s often a really frightening thing to know that someone out there looks up to us as a role model.  Can you imagine someone really wanting to be us, or wanting to live the life that we have.  I often hear people saying things like “Nikki, I would love to have your energy” or “Nikki I would love to be able to Network the way you do.”  My usual response is to either growl at them or if I am in a really good mood, explain that it is all in the choices that they make.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I don’t think that I am good enough for someone to want to emulate, or that I am not proud of my achievements.  I also understand on some level that I do make a difference in the lives of many people – that’s a choice that I made many years ago – to make a difference, and for me that is very exciting as it opens up all sorts of opportunities for me.  What scares me the most is that I consider myself a ‘work in progress’ and I am continually working on the person who I am and who I want to be.  I cannot control how quickly (or slowly for that matter) I change or evolve and now I have to consider the people who are trying to keep up with me.  The mind boggles!

What is equally if not more scary is that this is how people, supposedly intelligent people, follow other people into all sorts of disgusting, horrible and often even purely evil, avenues of life.  Think about all the gangs, rip off artists and scammers, or cults and then what about the leaders of this world – people like Hitler and Robert Mugabe and Idi Amin.  Believe it or not there are still those amongst us, yes they walk amongst us, who still think that these people are heroes.

On the flip side of the coin, this is also the avenue that we can make the most difference and how exciting is that.  It also, in my opinion, makes us responsible for the way that some people see the world and how they will ultimately act in the world and how they will behave in the world and quite honestly that makes me feel really proud, especially because it is as a direct result of me . . .  well just being me.

How incredible is that?  It means that I, little old me, will have either a positive or a negative effect on someone in the world today. It makes me responsible for the way that I interact with people (oh dear, now that means I have just kicked my own rear end), it means that I have to be careful of the choices that I make today because someone else is watching what I am doing because what I do will influence what they say, or think or do.

Just writing this piece has made me realize just how much more aware I need to be, on the daily choices that I often make without even thinking.

This knowledge and awareness makes me understand that I can literally change the world, one person at a time, and that’s really cool.  It’s a big responsibility and I still have no desire to step onto the pedestal, but it’s also really mind blowing to understand the power that I have and that you have too.

The question remains however – what are you going to do with your power today?

 Nikki is an Internal Auditor and Business Administration Specialist who can be contacted on 083 702 8849 or or

Look what is happening in the world of Pete Carruthers.

POPI or POPIA is the acronym for the Protection of Personal Information Act. It’s a new SA law to protect your personal information (and mine).

It’s not a SA Govt conniption. Rather it is the local version of similar laws in more than 80 countries. Our version has a few quirks which we will discuss during this course. SA needs to conform to international practice. If we don’t our IT industry will get strangled.

The Act was passed in 2013. The long lead-in time is to allow corporates to change their ways.

Big firms have thousands of PCs connected to mainframes and thousands of people logging into their systems each day. Those systems, like yours and mine, were designed to cost as little as possible. So they ignored security. Not deliberately, but because it was an expense they did not need to worry about. Just as we ignore security now.

2017 is different. Massive data breaches get lots of airtime. (Equifax in the USA or our current 31 million record scandal.) And famous brands like Pizza Hut or Hyatt Hotels.

It’s tempting to think that they’re the only firms losing data. But we small firms have many more breaches. 95 out of every 100 businesses have fewer than 5 staff. And we too lose laptops and tablets and phones. Or they get stolen. And if we have staff they too steal client lists when they leave.

We don’t report it because we don’t have to. That’s about to change.

The POPI Act demands that we take care of the info we hold about others. Just as we want others to look after info they hold about us.

Understand that single concept and the various facets I discuss in this email series will make sense.

The POPI Act has a big stick to beat us into compliance. I don’t know how you feel, but a R10 million fine (payable from after-tax income) and/or 10 years jail time, is a good reason not to mess around.

Just to be clear, we small players will be held to the same security and compliance standards as corporates. We don’t face the same documentation formalities prior to the deadline. But the day we find we’ve been breached, Govt will want to see that data if we have any hope of proving our innocence.

Until recently Govt was coasting towards announcing a deadline in May 2018. This recent 31 million record breach is probably going to lead to more urgent action.

If it sounds a little overwhelming, it is. You are not alone. There are solutions which take advantage of the common facets we small players share, and these will become obvious as we work through this material together.

If you have specific questions about the issues I raise in any of these emails, simply REPLY with your question. I don’t guarantee an instant response. My desk has become a little crazy since the 31 Million Data Loss scandal. But I will build the answers into this material and offer a FAQ you can access as well.

Thanks for joining me on this POPI journey. I hope the reading of these emails is as much fun for you as the researching and writing is for me. Feel free to REPLY and tell me if something I have written could be presented (or spelled) better.

Finally, my mission is to help as many small-business owners as I can. Please forward this email to someone you know in business like yourself.

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