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Nikki’s Tip of the Week – week-ending 13th January 2018 & Some Freebie Opportunities.

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In the blink of an eye the holidays are mostly over (there are still some folk who need to get back to work) and for many, only the memory remains.

A new year, a new month, a new week, a new day and of course a new opportunity!

I for one, cannot wait to get going and perhaps one of my greatest challenges at the moment is waiting (and not so patiently either) for everyone to get back, to tell their stories of their holidays and then realise that there are things to be done, meetings to be held and successes to be had.

The New Year reminds me of a freshly mowed lawn or freshly brewed coffee or the smell of the earth after a summer downpour. It’s alive with possibilities and hopes, all just waiting for us to ‘seize the day’. The energy levels are up, there’s a spring in the steps of those who can’t wait to get out of the starter’s gate and a feeling of expectation that nothing can shut down.

So let’s just get going and enjoy the feeling, with laughter and light and joy!

Anyway . . . on a different note, but still being proactive.

I was asked the other day if there was any guarantee that ‘nothing’ would happen by being compliant with PoPI! My response – just because you have car insurance it doesn’t mean that you won’t have an accident! The reality is that if you have done everything ‘reasonably’ available in order to ensure that stolen data or sensitive information, is not hung up like dirty washing for all to see, then you will be relatively safe

Peter is still doing his introductory webinar’s on a Tuesday evening, all the details are below this weeks’ article. I sincerely hope that you join him – it is for free at this time.

There is also some super freebies from another of my guru’s T. Harv Eker. It was Harv’s teachings at the MMI seminar in 2014 that changed my whole life and the way that I look at things and I still use his teachings today and will probably do so until the day I die.

Have a look below Pete’s offerings and please, if you are able, get yourself onto one or more of his online courses. You won’t be disappointed!
Here’s the deal . . .
Please feel free to engage with me, or not. Please feel free to send me your own snippets of information, early warnings, appropriate funnies and what have you, to share with other like-minded individuals, entrepreneurs and start-ups.
I hope and trust that you will enjoy the journey with me.
This weeks’ Blog:

MOTIVATION – Where is Greatness Found

By Nikki Viljoen of N Viljoen Consulting CC

William Arthur Ward says “Greatness is not found in possessions, power, position or prestige. It is discovered in goodness, humility, service and character.”

Well that should certainly shake things up a little, don’t you think? There are all these powerful (well they think they are) people in the world who are so full of their own importance, puffed up and proud and according to this statement – they are not great at all! That’s just really funny!
I guess that is why people like Nelson Mandela is one of the “greatest” men on the planet as opposed to, I don’t know – someone like George W Bush, who perhaps was one of the most powerful men on the planet (when his puppet masters pulled the strings you understand).

So who are the great leaders of the world today? Sadly when I look around, I don’t really see any? What I see are men who think that they are great, but who are destroying rather than building. I see men who are concerned only with ‘what’s in it for them’ rather than for the greater good and I understand the ‘how’ and ‘why’ conspiracy theories spring up all over the place – because it’s all about the money, human kind be damned!

Then I look around and I see ordinary people, doing extra-ordinary things – making a difference one day at a time, one person at a time. I see ordinary people who have become celebrities and have used that platform to make a difference, one day at a time, one person at a time. I see people who have very little, helping people who have even less, one day at a time, one person at a time and I understand that I am in the presence of greatness.

So where does this take us to, during the beginning of this New Year – to traditionally, the place and time when people start all over again, with new hopes, new determination and new resolve? Who knows?

To borrow the line from Oprah Winfrey – “what I know for sure” though, is that there is hope, there is resolution and there is a change-a-coming and that we have the choice as individuals to be a part of that change or to sit back and reflect, in years to come on how we ‘missed the boat’.

I know what choice I am making – do you know what choices you are going to be making?

Nikki is an Internal Auditor and Business Administration Specialist who can be contacted on 083 702 8849 or or

Look what is happening in the world of Pete Carruthers.

But the earlier we address a looming problem the easier it is to steer clear of the rocks just below the surface. And the cheaper it is. And this POPI issue is like the iceberg that sank the Titanic.

I’ve invested 6 months and hundreds of hours digging into the detail of POPI. It’s real. It’s coming. In Australia it lands in February. In Europe it lands in May. Our crowd are a little slower. And that’s a good thing.

Few of us grasp the full challenge this POPI Act poses.

Lets look at the recent Hetzner data breach as an example.

The facts:
• Hetzner lost a bunch of records containing email addresses and passwords. (We can agree this is personal info, right?)

The Pre-POPI Scenario:
• The press gets into a froth as they publish it.
• We all mutter about corporates not playing nice with our info.
• We all swear at the government for doing nothing about it.
• It seems that this same thing happened to Hetzner Germany a few years ago.
• And that’s the end of it because we don’t have a law to deal with the fallout. Nobody has any reason to take any care.

The Post-POPI Scenario:
• The press gets into a froth again.
• The Information Regulator starts an enquiry, arriving suddenly and in force to seize evidence.
• It seems that this same thing happened to Hetzner Germany a few years ago.
• This is enough to prove unreasonable laxness.
• In turn this is enough to issue a large fine.
• And then to imprison the person at the top of the Hetzner pile.
• Which opens the door to those of us who’ve suffered anxiety to sue for damages.
• All of which costs Hetzner a fortune.

How is the personal info that Hetzner holds different from the personal info you hold?

A few simple examples:
• Doctors hold deeply private info about us. Literally warts and all.
• Hotels hold copies of our passports and IDs. Including enough info to steal our identities.
• Recruitment agencies hold our CVs with salary info, and employment history, and often IDs.
• Pharmacists hold copies of our prescriptions detailing all our embarrassing issues.
• Each of us holds intimate business discussions in our email.

How can we expect big business should be held to a different level of accountability than we are?

I would be just as peeved if my doctor lost some info that led to my insurance firm cancelling my insurance, or my wife cancelling my marriage, or a bunch of people being entertained on Instagram by my photos of my pre-surgery face.

Bottom line: POPI says small-business owners face the same robust demands to protect personal information as big firms. There are a few small differences in what we do. Big firms need to update their Section 51 manual. Small businesses (typically under 50 staff) don’t need a Section 51 manual at all.

Look at what’s Happening with T. Harv Eker

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