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Nikki’s Tip of the Week – week-ending 5th May 2018 & some Opportunities

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I was having a SKYPE conversation the other day with a lady who I met on LinkedIn. She requested the conversation because she wanted me to send out an e-mail on her behalf – something about an opportunity to . . . oh hell! I have no idea.

She spoke really, really quickly and used big words, I mean really big words that I did not understand and there was no time to look them up in the dictionary or even the thesaurus. I couldn’t get a gap to even try and interrupt to find out exactly what she wanted and eventually just gave up altogether. It actually felt like she didn’t take a breath for the entire 10 minutes of the now very, one way conversation.

At the end of this very confusing monologue she said “Right! Well that’s it in a nutshell, so will you send the email for me, I will send you the information but I do have to go right now as I have another SKYPE call booked.”

I very sweetly replied “Sorry but this is nowhere near my core value, so I doubt that I have your target market in my database. Good luck though.”

I haven’t heard from her again, actually I did . . . when she ‘blocked’ me on LinkedIn.

A conversation is a two way street, both people have to engage, especially when they are meeting for the first time and don’t really know one another.

Remember that a lot of what is being said, might make absolute sense in your head because you are familiar with the subject, but your listener might not be, so please use words that everyone can understand . . . and oh . . . saying big words really slowly or really loudly is really ineffectual if I don’t understand the word – rather use another word or words that are easy to understand.

Anyway . . .

After the Weekly Blog Tip, there is also some exciting news/information/opportunities from the following people:

– Colleen Larsen’s Gender Mainstreaming Awards and a Newbie award.
– Peter Carruthers Cash Proof Your Business

Here’s the deal . . .

Please feel free to engage with me, or not. Please feel free to send me your own snippets of information, early warnings, appropriate funnies and what have you, to share with other like-minded individuals, entrepreneurs and start-ups.

I hope and trust that you will enjoy the journey with me.

This weeks’ Blog:

BLOGGING TIPS – Put It Out There

By Nikki Viljoen – Viljoen Consulting (Pty) Ltd

Over the last couple of months I have been asked several times, by nervous aspiring bloggers “How” to get their messages out there.

My advice – just get it out there!

Let me be absolutely clear about this – just getting it out there does NOT mean that you don’t have to do the research! Of course you do.
It’s great if you are 100% comfortable with your product or service, but there are always things that are changing. We all understand that technology changes at the speed of light (well that’s how it feels to me anyway). Then of course legislation also changes at a rapid rate. Market trends change and all of these changes impact on what you do and how you do it, so even if the information doesn’t change what you want to write about will, so chances are that is stuff that you need to know about anyway.

Just getting it out there also doesn’t mean that you should be doing a “slap dash” job. You should still be taking the time to think about what it is that you want to say and of course how you say it is also important in order to get the right message out. Be sure of your facts, be sure of your content and always be professional.

Just getting it out there also definitely does not mean that your idea or your article or your product or service will be successful. There are so many contributing factors to being successful and getting it out there is just one more little nudge going in the right direction.

It’s not all doom and gloom though because the positive side of getting it out there is (but not limited to):

– You’re online, you’re cultivating a following (well hopefully cultivating one), just as you are also following like-minded individuals or mentors or coaches.
– You’re not battling to get physical appointments with individuals who are jealously protected from people like you, by ‘gatekeepers’ and PA’s.
– Here you have an opportunity to be heard, to have your say, to state your case and say what you need to say – not only to one person or a handful of people who make up the Board, but to millions of people from all walks of life. People who are interested in what you have to offer or say.
– Online you are able to express yourself without the added pressure of being in front of a bunch of people who often (to your stressed out mind that is filled to capacity with anxiety) look like predators who haven’t eaten for months and who smell the strong scent of fresh meant – the fresh meat, of course, being you!
– Here online you can field comments and suggestions and consider all the input from around the globe, before responding . . . or not. People with ideas and comments that spark your imagination and who inspire you.

That’s just a tiny part of the appeal and the beauty of the internet.

Remember though, when you write your piece that it’s good to consider all the feedback that you get and respond in whichever way you please but that if you’re are going to assume anything, assume that everybody – excluding yourself of course – everybody knows nothing! That way your words can be understood, comprehended and appreciated by everyone.

So go on . . . just get it out there!

Nikki is an Internal Auditor and Business Administration Specialist who can be contacted on 083 702 8849 or or

What’s Happening in the Life of Colleen Larsen & Business Engage

Herewith notice of two additional categories for the 6th Gender Mainstreaming Awards.


Nominate an individual for the Inclusive Leader Award.
Nominated by a subordinate, or group of subordinates, this person (male or female) demonstrates business leadership qualities that are aligned to the ethos of gender mainstreaming.

They have ingrained into their leadership style a recognition of the provable benefits to their business that diversity brings, with special emphasis on gender.

The nomination is made by a person or group of people who know the nominee very well, primarily in a business role, and the nominee accepts the nomination in writing.

Visit…/…/134-inclusive-leader-award for the criteria for nomination.


Nominate an individual for the Positive Role Model Award.

The nominee will be a female role model who is acknowledged as a person who is changing the face of gender mainstreaming in her own way; by her actions, deeds, utterances and general mannerisms.

The nominee is nominated by a person or group of people who know her very well, primarily in a business role, and the nominee accepts the nomination in writing.

Visit…/135-positive-role-model-awa… for the criteria for nomination

Kind regards

What’s happening in the life of Peter Carruthers

Nobody starts a business expecting to close it. But a lot of stuff happens en route.
• You fall ill or have an accident. Your marriage ends. Some other personal crisis hits you.
• Your business stumbles. A big client doesn’t pay. An employee runs off with money. Your bank pulls your overdraft at a bad time. Or the Govt changes the rules.
• The economy stumbles. Imagine going into property in 2007, months before the global collapse.
This stuff happens to us. We have no choice but to deal with it.
I never dreamt of closure. It didn’t occur to me. Even though the stats show how many firms close, I knew I wouldn’t. Just as you know you won’t.

It took me three years to realise how stacked the odds are against prosperity.

Hundreds of interviews with folk still in business.

And thousands of interviews since then with folk who’ve closed. Utterly unprepared, like me.

The Boy Scout motto is: Be Prepared.

It’s the motto I now live by.

Click here to join the online CrashProof your Business course now.

You will get your investment of R497 back real fast. And many times over. In interest saved and in equanimity. Knowing you’re invulnerable makes sleeping a lot easier.

And if you find the course not worth your money, your time, or your effort, or any other reason – I’ll give back every cent. And you keep lifetime access to the course. Free.

When your bank manager calls you out of the blue to discuss your facility it’s too late to prepare. Right now is a better time to start preparing.

Have an excellent weekend.

Warm regards
Peter Carruthers
Academy of Small Business
? +27 (0)21 825 9821
? PO Box 13427, Mowbray, 7705