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Blogging 101 – Lessons to Make Your Blog Ratings Soar

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Contrary to popular belief, there are millions of bloggers out there, all who have a voice of sorts, many of whom have something intelligent to say (and of course those who just sprout absolute nonsense.) How on earth do you get your voice (or writing in this case) to be heard above the clatter?

Here are some thoughts of mine that may help . .

1. Those who know me will attest to the fact that I tell it like it is. I don’t sugar coat things which means of course, that often what I write about is not necessarily what you want to hear. Quite honestly, it is also often what I need to hear.

This means that I often tackle subject matter that is universally known as the ‘tough stuff’ and to make myself clear (and in the spirit of transparency,) I don’t mince my words. I don’t cross over the lines of the law or name and shame very often (and that would pertain strictly to individuals although I have on occasion named Companies) and one of my friends often says “Nikki! You need a filter!” my response to that is “I’ve never had one and I’m too old and cranky to get one now!”

All of that said, I do believe that it is a good thing to have those ‘difficult conversations’ once in a while and in view of the fact that I write the same way that I speak, I consider these blogs as my contribution to humanity.

2. Share the love! (or in this case the information). Find like minded individuals and get them to post the blogs on their FB pages or on their websites and allow them to do the same on yours. Obviously this means that you will reach a far greater audience.

Be sure though to collaborate with individuals who share the same passions that you do rather than just someone who is willing to let anyone post, as long as they have content.

Let me give you some examples – I was recently approached by someone in the “wellness” industry and believe me when I say “wellness” industry with my tongue in my cheek. Without saying the name, they sell a well known men’s “bits and pieces” enhancement pills and they figured that many of my readers are male and that qualified and entitled them to post on my blogs. As an Internal Auditor and Business Administration Specialist, I of course had a different perspective. Despite the fact that many of their readers may be Entrepreneurs, the fact of the matter is that my post on their website and visa versa, would be inappropriate.

It would also be prudent to do some research and check them out. Are they who they say they are and do they do what they say they do? Check out some of their posts – are they aligned to what you do and visa versa.

Remember too that this is a collaboration so you both need to benefit in terms of traffic to your website or other social media coverage.

3. Tip number 2 flows neatly into tip number 3. It doesn’t have to be your own material. No-where is it written that you have to only use your own material! It’s your blog and you can do as you please!

That said of course, it is always a good idea to get the other author’s permission and make sure that you give them the credit.

If you don’t even know who the wrote the material, be sure to mention that. It will strengthen your credibility and your trustworthiness.

4. Finally, many people are of the opinion that you should blog or tweet, not both!

I say “the hell with that” and do both! The reality is that some folk enjoy tweets as opposed to blogs and others prefer it the other way around. Why not cater to both? Either way, the choice is yours – there is no wrong or right way here, it’s what suits you the best.

Till next time . . . happy blogging!