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Viljoen Consulting is a specialist Internal Audit company. It was established to provide access to Internal Audit functions, primarily targeting the SMME market, that were previously only enjoyed by large companies and corporations who could afford an Internal Audit Division. Viljoen Consulting recognizes the absolute necessity for SMMEs to implement best practices in respect of policies, procedures, flows, controls and other preventative practices, thereby protecting the company from possible fraud and other related losses.

Viljoen Consulting‘s services include the following:


Summit TV interview with Nikki Viljoen about Bookkeepers and Accountants

Studies and surveys in South Africa have indicated that white collar crime is not limited to major companies and corporations, but occurs in the SMME sector as well, and with significant consequences, especially in terms of sustainability.

Nikki of Viljoen Consulting brings a magical combination of knowledge on her area together with a practical, no nonsense approach to checking your business systems & compliance and ensuring a more stable future for any business.
Cindy Bell – Career Directions

Dear Nikki, We appreciate all your hard work in preparing your presentation, as well as taking time out of your schedule to participate at the conference Without your contribution, the programme would not have been the same.
Gugu Mazibuko – Knowledge Resources

Nikki’s wealth of information,processes and documentation enabled me to focus on the growth of my business, rather than be bogged down by administration. My business could never have grown as much as it has without her.
Nigel Hamilton – Home 911

Amendments to legislation, being promulgated on an on going basis, will require that procedures and controls be audited at regular intervals, in an attempt to curtail corruption and fraud in business. Viljoen Consulting strives to assist businesses in aligning with legislation and good business practices.

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