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Small Business Start-up Workshops

Tired of fighting my way through endless Red Tape, and understanding the New Business owners often have no idea where to go or what to do when starting a new business, I have written and developed a Practical Guide to Starting a Business 

The workshop covers an array of topics and as I learn more about the business of running a business, so I add to the workshop. The workshop deals with the everyday issues that arise when starting a new business. It will save you time and energy as well as money. Time in that you don’t have to spend time in queues trying to get the correct documentation, or doing research on the internet or anywhere else for that matter, trying to find out what you have to do and where you have to go in order to do it. It starts off with the difference between a Sole Proprietor, a Close Corporation, and a Company and how to register each of these entities. The workshop covers all the contractual issues that need to be looked at and how best to structure them as well as all the basic legal compliance issues that need to be dealt with.
It looks at all the written procedures that should be implemented in terms of maintaining your compliance, your administrative needs, your operational needs, and your Human Resources needs.
Failure to have these in place could mean the difference between running a financially healthy business and always having a problem with cash flow due to the number of fines that you have to pay. Banking and how accounts should be controlled and maintained is vitally important to a small business as is controlling your income and expenses – this is discussed in detail with many helpful hints being part of the information that is given.
The day to day administrative requirements, from raising an invoice to making a payment, to how to file the paperwork/virtual documents are discussed and practical advice on how to streamline the Administration is given in order to minimize the time taken on administration.
Too much time taken on admin will have a negative impact on productivity and your bottom line.

Practical advice is given on staffing and HR issues and how to manage your staff and keep your dealings with them inside the letter of law.
Staff management and/or lack thereof is one of the easiest ways to fall foul of the Labour Department and often huge amounts of time and/or money is used, purely because of ignorance.  The workshop covers many of these issues and assists in ensuring that staff requirements are met and correctly managed.

Security/Safety issues around not only the staff but also the business are discussed with useful tips being given on how to control and maintain an acceptable level of safety without having to spend a great deal of money.

For those companies that have stock – stock loss is one of the quickest ways to lose your soul – stock control and maintenance forms an in depth discussion and gain practical tips on the how-to are given.

In an age and in a country where fraud and theft are par for the course, Money Laundering is discussed openly and a few of the current scams are highlighted in order to bring you up to date on how not to become a victim.

Please remember that the workshop is a  living document, that will be changed from time to time, updated and expanded upon as and when new information comes to light and/or when legislation changes.

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